Crone Associates Architects was established in 1974 with its primary focus on residential design, particularly in additions, total renovation and restoration of existing homes and apartments. We have endeavored to provide appropriate, imaginatively conceived designs realized through quality construction in all our additions and renovation projects. Our approach has been to be contextual or blend with a client’s existing residence and to introduce a timeless style that speaks with an elegance and appropriateness. During the early planning stages of the conceptual design we attempt to integrate the interior furnishings as well as landscape elements into our solutions to give an often obsolete house new form, and an updated classic style. This approach comes from an understanding of furniture placement, circulation, proportion, site integration with the landscape and a new and thoughtful harmony both inside and out, unique to all our projects. Upon completion, the home clearly demonstrates a total transformation and not the feeling that just an addition was added to an older structure.

Woodside Park Addition & Renovation

Chevy Chase Residence

Dupont Circle Townhome